Middle School

In middle school, students achieve more accountability in their academics. Students learn to virtually collaborate with other students online for various research projects and expositions where kids will work together to learn together. The flexibility of online learning also allows middle school students time to engage in local extracurricular activities. Supplementing the required middle school coursework, each 6rd – 8th grade class is assigned a specific Science project each year. We also host annual reading contests, virtual talent shows, and virtual Bible drills. Each middle school class is assigned a world history project during each school year.

6th Grade: Bible, Language Arts, World Geography, Math and Science.

7th Grade: Bible, Language Arts, US History and Geography, Math and Science.

8th Grade: Bible, Language Arts, US History, Pre-Algebra Math, and Earth in Space Science.

All middle school students must meet Physical Education requirements in some format. Speak with an academic advisor for more information.

Middle School Projects

School projects can be emailed to [email protected]

School project SlideShows in google can be shared with [email protected] 

Quarterly Reading Contest:

At the end of each quarter we will have an award for the most books read in each quarter and then an award for the most books read for the school year. Students who participate in this contest must turn in the name of the book read and a book report. Please email your book report to [email protected] 

Bible Project:

Please pick your favorite Bible Character and create a slideshow in google slides.

Requirement: Name of character, Book of the Bible in which they are talked about, how old he or she was, and what did they do or accomplish for God. Assignment details vary by grade level. You must have at least 10 slides with pictures and information about his or her Bible character. The date for this project to be turned in will be on the school calendar. First Semester project: November 18, 2022 due date.

World History Quarterly Project:

Students will begin a project for the whole school year which will consist of an international war.

6th grade Wars option: Hundred Year War, World War 1, or World War 2. 

7th Grade Wars option: Vietnam, Korean War, or the Punic War. 

8th Grade Wars option: Cuban Revolution, Crusades, or the Afghanistan War . 

Requirements are as follows:

  • Name of international War, countries involved, why did the war take place. Who were the leaders of the countries involved, military leaders.   
  • Please list and give important information about the international war. 
  • Please cite work that is used on a slide at the beginning of the slideshow. 
  • You may create a slideshow on google, but while you are working on this project remember that at the end of each quarter you will need to send proof you have been working on it. You may share your project on google slideshow or email your work to [email protected] 

History Project Assignments Due Dates:

1st Quarter Oct 14, 2022

2nd Quarter Dec 23, 2022

3rd Quarter March 10, 2022

4th Quarter May 19, 2022, This is the completed assignment due date.

Virtual Talent Show:

Send in a video of your talent that you enjoy doing and the date will be announced for the 2nd semester.

Science Project:

Students may choose one of the approved examples; The science fair project is due February 24, 2023. School projects can be emailed to [email protected]  School project SlideShows in google can be shared with [email protected]