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Step 1

Complete an Application for Enrollment for each student.

Step 2

Receive Student Registration Packet(s) and an invoice if approved for enrollment.

Step 3

Submit Registration packet and transcripts, receive schedule for orientation and testing.

Virtual Private School Admissions

A customized and teamwork friendly virtual classroom experience

Virtual Bible-based curricula, periodic projects and classroom experience. Full features of the Ignitia platform with live teacher support and virtual school events. Includes CORE Prep’s Google workspace for education, managed account for each student. Discounted Monthly fees for verified Pastor’s, Missionaries, Ministry kids. Ask about other promotions and scholarship opportunities.

DEES Academy (Home School Program)

The tools you need to succeed, and the freedom to do so

With professional support from Core Prep, your student can enjoy a parent-led or self guided home school education experience, at your convenience. Customized learning strategies with self-paced, interactive, online curriculum meets the needs of each student. Our expert administrative staff will provide a secure email account for your student to access coursework, and we maintain official records and transcripts. This hybrid home-school education offering is uniquely provided by the DEES Academy.

Umbrella School Admissions

Records, Transcripts, and Attendance only

Umbrella Student Fees:

  1. $ 500.00 Annual Fee

Credit Recovery Program

Catch-up on High-School with verified credits for graduation

Credit Recovery Fees on a case-by-case basis.

Adult Education Program

Finish School with a real High School Diploma

  • $ 150.00 Registration Fee
  • $ 100.00 Per Month ($1200 per Year)

Rates are subject to change without notice. Discounts and scholarships may be available for special cases.

Virtual Private School Powered by Google Workspace for Education

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