COREY the Cardinal

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Corey the Cardinal is very special to CORE PREP. He represents a new hope and new beginnings to each family that comes to CORE PREP. Corey’s goal is to see every student become a great success & a Follower of Christ!

Why the Cardinal?

Eternal Life

“What does it mean when a cardinal appears?

The cardinal’s red color is a reminder of the blood of Christ. Revelation 1:5 says that “Jesus Christ [is] the firstborn from the dead…[,] loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood.”

Thus, for some Christians, the spiritual meaning of cardinals relates to the eternal life available through the spilling of Christ’s blood.

The Holy Spirit

The red cardinal meaning is represented by the fire element associated with the Holy Spirit. While a white dove usually symbolizes the Holy Spirit, a red cardinal can represent the energy and life found with the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

New Beginnings

What does it mean when God sends cardinals? For Christians, a cardinal can represent hope and new beginnings. Seeing a cardinal–especially as a spot of color in the winter–may be a comforting reminder to have faith in new beginnings ahead.”