School at Home

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From the Principal’s Desk

I am a third generation educator, my grandmother back in the 1950’s started a preschool. She loved children and wanted them to have a great and loving environment to learn.

My dad started a Christian Preschool and then a Christian K5-12th grade school in 1977, when I was just a year and a half old. I attend both of these schools but in my 6th grade year, my parents realized I needed more than a private Christian school education. 

You see I had a learning difference and needed the one on one. My mother was a piano, and English teacher who was taking care of my grandfather. She home-schooled me for much of my middle and high school years. I enjoyed going on field trips, field days and playing sports and even going on my senior trip and participating in our graduation ceremonies.

What a lot of people don’t realize is how many smart, famous and great people were homeschooled. Here is a list of famous people who were home-schooled:

Thomas Edison – inventor

Teddy Roosevelt – 26th US President and Leader of the Rough Riders, inspiration for the Teddy bear.

Agatha Christie – Novelist and Writer

Alexander Graham Bell – inventor

Sandra Day O’Connor – First woman to serve on the US Supreme Court

Tim Tebow – Heisman Trophy Winner, National Football Champion, Motivational Speaker

Serena and Venus Williams – Tennis Professionals who have won Multiple Grand Slam championships and Olympic Medals 

The Wright Brothers – bicycles and the first airplanes